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Back before McDonald’s sold breakfast all day there was a magical moment between the breakfast and lunch menus crossed over. You could walk into almost any location and order a sandwich known as the “Mc10:35”, it was a combination of Egg McMuffin and McDouble. It’s a tasty sandwich and you can still get it. What made it a BIT more enjoyable back then, was knowing you had to be in the right place at the right time. Knowing you had the opportunity to order it, meant you had mental access to the “secret menu”. This was never in a commercial, it was never on the big board you stared at before approaching the cashier, this sandwich combination was created internally. This sandwich was created by a maverick that decided that an egg MUST go on this burger. They wanted brunch on a bun. It’s that kind of culinary genius that inspires others and reaches new levels of taste buds.


You have possibly heard various stories of these types of creations. There are rumors all over the internet of meat mountains, items stuffed inside of each other, and even double or triple grilling techniques. I think “In and Out Burger” might have more secret items than regular menu items. You may have even been too nervous to ask about them, because it’s technically not following the rules. Maybe THIS location doesn’t know about it they look at you funny. It’s OK to ask here at The Cup, everyone is invited to play. Let’s throw the rules out and have some fun. We want to leave no stone unturned. You see articles all over your social media feeds of “food hacks”, and now it’s time we hacked our menu a bit and put on our mad scientist lab coat. In this case it is our signature apron, but you get the meaning…


As you probably know, we have over 50 ingredients you can add to your favorite frozen treat, plus a rotating special flavor of the week. We offer some favorite suggestions and classic combinations on our menu board, but the list would be too long to cover ALL the variations. We work a lot of hours and have “sampled” many many many amazing combinations here at The Cup. It’s really tough, but we soldier on, for you, and for science. We don’t have a one hundred percent success rate…someone has to prove that Strawberry Coffee Coconut is NOT a thing…So you loyal blog readers will be treated to some of our favorite “Double Secret Cup Menu” combos. From time to time we’ll post a special sundae or snowstorm we order here at the shop, and maybe you’ll love it too. Just come in and ask for it by name and we’ll make it fresh for you. Maybe we will feature toppings that are only available for a limited time. We just had a run of Candy Corn leading up to Halloween. Who knows what will come up next…Red Hots? Peeps? Bacon? Again, the rules are gone!


You may have already been doing this for years. Feel free to share your original creations with us on Facebook, Twitter, or throw a picture on our Instagram feed. Maybe one day we’ll even name one after you! You can tell your friends that you were the collaborator of their new ‘go to’ item.


Don’t be nervous to ask when you come in. There is no password, no handshake, just keep checking the website for upcoming blog posts, and you are in the club of knowing the names of the “Double Secret Cup Menu.”


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